PGD Treatment

Over the course of lock down, i have been going to and from the local hospital and Leeds hospital for lots of tests. All of these tests are to ensure I am well enough to have the IVF / PGD treatment and that I will be a good mum.

I was at my GPs for lots of blood tests which show what injections I had a child, and it lets them know what some of my levels are like kidney, liver, vit D. I also had some internal checks which is to ensure I have no sexual problems such as cancer or STDs. When i went to keeps I had a baseline scan completed which gives them images of my ovaries and the blood tests help too.

All of my tests have come back perfectly normal which is meaning, i can progres forward to the next stage now, which is looking into a sperm donation through one of many websites, although i am advised to use one site due to them doing PGD testing,

I have been on the website European Sperm Bank and the options are limited, like, i am not impressed with how many that appear and i was informed there is not many but seriously, there is like 1! I am hopeful more may come forward in the coming weeks .

It is important that i have PGD Treatment because I have a genetic condition called Neurofibromatosis, and I really do not want to pass this condition over to my child if i can help it. I haven’t had it easy growing up, and lots of friends with NF despite being awesome and coping well, have not had it easy either. I love my friends so much and it hurts me to see them in pain and people like my mum, so i don’t want to do this to my child.

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