Chester Online Speed Dating

I heard about Chester online speed dating through a good friend, an amazing neighbour. As you know, I been pretty open about my relationship status and that I am single and in hope one day, I might meet someone, and that I am looking despite the IVF.

I was chatting with my neighbour who has recently done online speed dating through fast love dating she really enjoyed the session and matched with one person. She said I might like it and to give it ago. I sat and thought about and thought hey why not, I am single? nothing else to do on a Friday night.

I joined the Chester online speed dating, because i felt i had completed Manchester searching using Bumble and given Chester is close to Wales, I might find a lovely Welshmen. My neighbour went on the Manchester Online Speed Dating and she chosen the category 30-45, given i am only 30, i decided to choose Chester Online Speed Dating aged 21-40

I joined last week for the online speed dating, we did the dating on Zoom through Break Out Rooms, only three girls and five guys. When chatting to the girls, they where warning people about a guy and long story short turns out they’ve both met, dated, the same guy! awakrard!

The night was, well, as to be expected, out of the five, they were two nice people, one more my type than the other. I didn’t pass my details over though as I was not sure i wanted to chat further at that stage. In the afternoon the following day. I got an email from the online speed dating team stating everyone wanted to see me again and provided me with emails and numbers of all five.

The question is, do I make connect with any?

It was a great experience and gets you back into the dating world, as this is something Boris has recently stopped for many.

Do keep following my journey dating disabled and IVF journey