Do’s & Don’ts of online speed dating!

Do you ever wonder why online speed dating hasn’t worked for you? Learn the Do’s & Don’ts of online speed dating right here.

In most cases you have around 3 minutes to engage in conversation with the person on your zoom screen. My advice would be as follows and can be a great way to get a conversation going.


Pick the location of your Zoom Video Call wisely
Location is key, and is important as it can drive a conversation or indeed dry a conversation. Pay attention to what is in the background, what you might / not want the other person to see. i.e. underwear, a untidy room, kitchen a mess, family photos, guitars, musical instruments.

Video / Mic / Headset
Ensuring you are already set up to go, and that you have adjusted your camera settings, microphone, hearing – so that everything is clear. Ensuring you are not on mute is key!

Top half of you
Comfort is key to relaxing, but also remember you are on a date… we are not expecting you to dress up to the max in a full suit, PJ bottoms can be fine as they are not always seen, but ensure you are dressing in a way that represents you and how you would, if this was in person. Make an effort!

Have a conversation – bounce off each other
We do not like endless questions, (see the don’t section) have a general conversation where conversation goes onto different topics, active listening!

Be passionate about your interest and hobbies
Talk about your hobbies and don’t brush over them… i.e. I like cars…. (great), how about… ‘growing up, my dad taught me how to fix cars and since then I have always been interested’

Show interest about there interest and hobbies
If a possible match is telling you about a interest/hobbie they are interested in… act interested yourself… ask them how they got into it / what inspired them into that… don’t pass it off and move onto something else. If they say they like films/music, ask about the genre, if they say they play, ask if they write their own or do covers, where can you see it.

I think most important of all is you smile, relax and enjoy the three minutes, they will really fly by,


Do not – make the conversation all about you
The time is for you both to get to know each other, talking about yourself and not getting to know the other person can easily result in one of you not getting the other persons number

Do not – ask the following types of questions
Yes, you will be surprised at the types of questions guys have asked a woman on speed dating within 3 mins to determ in those three mins if he wants to see her again. I strongly advise you save these for a future date…. 1) Who do you live with? 2) How many children do have/want in the future? 3)Do you want to get married/when 3)What is your longest relationship and why did you break up 4)Do you drive? 5)Do you own your own home 6)How long have you been in your job for? 7)What’s your long term job plans

Do not – get drunk or smoke!
You have three minutes, i would strongly advise not getting drunk, does not matter how bad it is. Your dream date could be at the end and you could then easily lose her in an instant.

Do not – give personal info
Remember, the online world or real world can be bad, do not go giving out personal information you are not comfortable with. If you are talking about your work./area of living you can be easily trackable so ensure you bare this in mind. You never really know who that end person really is.