Manchester Fast Love Speed dating

It is hard at the moment to actually date, but with thanks to Manchester – Fast Love Speed dating they have moved all there speed dating online, using Zoom. With the breakout rooms.

This is a good experience, because you can date from the comfort of your own home and no-one will know you have your fluffy slippers and PJ bottoms on, unless you stand up.

As a person with a disability dating, whereby some of my disability can be seen due to my walking aids. It is a great experience as straight away the crutch is not brought into question and someone can get to know me, as me.

This time round, I did a Manchester Fast Love speed dating, and it was OK. There was only one person I offiaclly really liked, but he did not give me his details, I had gave him mine and he did however reach out. He lives in Chester and is a similar age to myself and works within Chester. There were lots of people on this session from all over the UK, such as staffordshire, London, Manchester, Chester.

I found a few people a little bit forward with some of their questioning and it was really more about my lifestyle and my job. It felt more like an interview. Therefore, one of my next posts I think I will explore the do’s and dont’s on speed dating me.

Myself and my neighbors are set to go on one in Liverpool, again from the comfort of our home later this month.

Don’t forget to keep listening to my podcasts and if you want to reach out then get in touch. would be great to hear about your experience dating online.