Donor Picking vs a Dating Profile

I have been very busy over the course of the past few months looking for a sperm donor. The only way I can describe looking for a donor, is literally like a dating profile. Don’t forget you can follow this journey on my blog too.

When picking your donor, you get to pick a variety of different things such as hair colour/ Eye colour / Race / Ethnic / job / and so forth – of course the fussier you become the less choices that you have available. One of the important items to pick is you r CMv status, this is because if you are CMV Negative you should in theory pick the same unless you want to accept the risk of getting the Herpes virus.

As it stands at the moment, I have a pregnancy slot reserved with LSB and the donor is based in Denmark, they are currently checking whether or not they are able to do the genetic testing on this donor as they will need the bloods.

When I am picking a donor, people always ask me what my choices are, for instance, would i look to match to me in appearance or choose based on the style of person I would usally date. To be honest, my choices have varied throughout the process from wanting to see the donor pictures, hearing an audio clip, to actually not knowing that part of information.

Majority of the time when I have been looking at the donors, i have been picking based on my own abilities and how I look.

The main sites I have been looking for donor sperm at are

London Sperm Bank

European Sperm Bank