Online Hospital Appointments

Over the course of the past year, I have had a range of online hospital appointments and remote appointments. What I can say is, I so much prefer these for a number of reasons and I am in hope that these remain after the pandemic has calmed down.

They are many reasons for me to prefer these, and I am pretty confident I will not be on my own with these thoughts.

  1. Traveling – Not only is traveling tiring for a disabled person, but it uses so many spoons out of your working day, it also ensures you are saving as you will not have travel expenses.
  2. Work – For those of us that are blessed to have a job and are working full time, whether on a location or at home. When you are going to hospital appointments, it is quite often a lot of time out of your day. Having these online really help as you are able to literally go one meeting to another, if the doctor is running late, that’s fine as you know they’ll connect when they can, which means you can continue to work.