DanceSyndrome Gala Night

As many of my regular listeners would know. Myself and my best friend Sam, went to the Gala charity night for DanceSyndrome. It was an incredible night with lots of entertainment in the form of dancers and singers. The money raised from the night is still being counted, I reckon they will have raised around £8-10k.

This was the night, that i was asked to do a speech, I did a speech the best I could in regards to DanceSyndrome and the importance of raising money. I was asked to talk a little bit about myself as well, I managed to get a few laughs which is usually a good thing. I still cringe when I watch the video back.

Whilst the night was taking place, Sam and I, had the pleasure to sit with Deanne, who is an amazing woman… This woman was flying abroad at like 4am in the morning and was out till like 11pm with DanceSyndrome leading the event. I give her so much credit. Such a fantastic thing to see as well. A strong beautiful woman leading an event. Deanne brought her good friend Claire to the event too. I still can not believe the story of how me and my best friend Sam met….

As with any charity night the key focus is to raise as much money as possible. Once of the ways they raised money was by putting a amount of your choice in an envelope. The envelope is then picked from a bag. Would you believe it. For my table I won. I won an incredible custom made ring by Jan. Jan had his own esty store and is a true gent. The ring fits perfectly and looks amazing under a UV light. If anyone is looking for something a little different this Christmas for a loved one or your looking to propose. I highly recommend. He was lovely and great at keeping in touch and showing you the different stages he went through to propose this master pier. Please do check out his websites and Instagram page.

Several tubes on a table ready to create a ring
Ingredients to create their ring

the ring in a black background under a uv light. the ring is glowing
The ring glowing up under a UV light
The ring on a branch
The ring on a tree branch