Accessibility needs to start in the build and design process, failure to do this, could cost your business monies further down the line – especially if its around infrastructure.. Accessibility is not just about supporting disabled people, there are so many other reasons why this is important and I would love to talk more about this.

Not all accessibility adjustments cost monies, its about making the environment accessible including your own conversations.

Online Accessibility and Documents

When creating websites, documents, presentations, it is always critically important to think about your end user. Have you made your content accessible?

Do you know how to make your content on your website accessible for those that might be using screen readers? or maybe those that are neurodivergent?

Many people are now working from home and it is important more than ever that all our online calls (Zoom, MS Teams) – are accessible to your staff, are you using closed captions? Have you ensured your Microsoft settings all have accessibility checker enabled?…. I am here to talk more about these services to you.

Social Model vs Medical Model

It is important throughout our lives, we learn to adapt to the social model of disability. Did you know there was a different between a medical and social model….

Social Model

Social model means, a person is disabled by the barriers in society which can be physical, like buildings not having accessible toilets. Or they can be caused by people’s attitudes to difference, like assuming disabled people can’t do certain things.

Medical Model

The medical model of disability is when people say persons are disabled by their impairments or differences. The medical model looks at what is ‘wrong’ with the person, not what the person needs.

I can help!

Having worked in accessibility for several years and growing up with a disability, I can provide you the tools and education to what you need for your website or place of work. To get in touch and learn more head over to my contact page and I will gladly support you on the journey to accessibility.