DanceSyndrome Gala Night

As many of my regular listeners would know. Myself and my best friend Sam, went to the Gala charity night for DanceSyndrome. It was an incredible night with lots of entertainment in the form of dancers and singers. The money raised from the night is still being counted, I reckon they will have raised around… Continue reading DanceSyndrome Gala Night

Online Hospital Appointments

Over the course of the past year, I have had a range of online hospital appointments and remote appointments. What I can say is, I so much prefer these for a number of reasons and I am in hope that these remain after the pandemic has calmed down. They are many reasons for me to… Continue reading Online Hospital Appointments

Pre Implementation Genetic Diagnosis

Hi, I am Kay. I am going through PGD (Pre Implementation Genetic Diagnosis). Hence the title designer Baby. I am ensuring that my disability is not going to be passed over to my off spring when i go through IVF as a single person. I am blogging the whole experience, through written, podcast and video… Continue reading Pre Implementation Genetic Diagnosis