Disability & Accessibility Consultation

Public Speaking / Speeches

I can attend your events and provide, positive, uplifting speeches. The speeches can be for of any age, group, size, – they are all fully inclusive. The main topics I would cover are around dreams, ambitions, not giving up, health. If you want to get in touch and talk about these opportunity, please head over to my contact page.


I can also offer you a variety of different services such as Accessibility training, 1-2-1 or in group work. It is important that we are always having accessibility requirements at the forefront of everything we do.

Disability Confident

It is important that businesses and employees become Disability Confident and I can help you on that journey to getting your Disability Confident badges. The main thing you need is the confidence in yourselves that you can do it and that you commit to what we set out to do. It isn’t just a tick box exercise.

Training and Consultancy

I can provide you training and Disability Consultation to assist you on your journey into become diverse & inclusive. It is important that people adopt and learn what they can do to better themselves and the place of work. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but change does start within.

Lunch & Learn

I host a range of lunch and learn sessions currently over Zoom due to the current pandemic. I can also offer these after working hours if required for your business (every business operates and works differently). To discuss your Disability Consultation sessions, please reach out to me.


It is important that everyone has a mentor, for various parts of their lives, you are allowed as many as you wish as its important we reflect the different skills you require so when i am mentoring, I have been a disability mentor and through my mentoring program I ensure you will be inspired to Aspire. Given, I also work within the media industry, I am also covering these areas. If you want to hear more, do get in touch.