Love, Life & DisABILITY

Please join me on my journey to motherhood with Love, Life & disability podcast & vlog as a single person living with a disability. I am blogging about my experiences going through IVF with PGD over the course of the 18 months-24 months and hopefully these podcast will help someone else.

Throughout the Love, Life & disability podcast vlog podcast / Vlog, you will also get to know what dating is like as a disabled person, as someone going through IVF / PGD too.

If you would like to come on my podcast at any stage and talk about your situation with PGD/IVF you are more than welcome to reach out to me.

Some of the topics I cover on Love, Life & disABILITY podcast isn’t for the faint hearted and some listeners might also find some of it upsetting. If this does affect you in anyway, please do let me know and do ensure you seek support.

I am always looking for new people to come on my show and talk about their experience of love, life & disability as raising awareness is so important in the disability world.

If you want to get in contact and talk about your experience please head over to my contact page and reach out.