It is important that everyone has a mentor, for various parts of their lives, you are allowed as many as you wish as its important we reflect the different skills you require so when i am mentoring, I have been a disability mentor and through my mentoring program I ensure you will be inspired to Aspire. Given, I also work within the media industry so therefore can support someone wishing to start a career in this sector.

What makes a good mentor?

A mentor is a person who provides you with the guidance, support, and advise you need to thrive in your life – in the current situation you are in.

A mentor can be a person that assists you professionally whereby they are from an area of interest, in which you are wanting a career.

In all honesty, anyone can be a mentor, but all advise can be different and this is where it becomes difficult in finding the right person for you. A mentor isn’t someone you admire from afar. Although it can be someone you look up too. A relationship with a mentor should provide support for a period time in which you set out between yourselves.

As a mentor, I can advise you on the work I have done and what I learned, and how this might help you.

How to find someone and what to look for?

Most importantly, I would recommend looking at the experience the person holds. Is it relevant or transferable? Have they worked in the area of work you are interested in moving into?

How passionate is this mentor you are looking to seek, do they breed the interest in there chats that inspire you to continue

A key atribute with a mentor is the ability to have respect and you can have confidential conversations (unless life is at risk). It is important that the mentee feels comfortable with there mentor. Therefore, as much as a mentor advises and talks, it is important they have the ability to listen, and hear what you have to say so they can truly best guide you on your jounery. A good mentor needs to listen to you and where you are coming from.

Inspired to Aspire remote and face to face

Due to Covid 19 at the moment, all our mentoring programs are now online. This also ensures we can be more flexible on location. Once Covid / Meeting in person is allowed again, we can take these face to face.

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