Tag: Neurofibromatosis

  • Motherhood

    Little one was born on 9th March 2023. He is the most perfect little dude ever. He is just incredible. I have loved every moment of being a mum so far, and I have made some great friends in my local area. The joys in which he brings not just me, but friends and family […]

  • Childhood Tumour Trust – New York

    Childhood Tumour Trust occasionally, have opportunities arise for young people to attend events across the world. In August 2022 a group of 15 young people had the incredible opportunity to go to NYC to attend the Youth NF1 summit to learn more about their condition how to better advocate for themselves and others with NF1. […]

  • Donor Picking vs a Dating Profile

    I have been very busy over the course of the past few months looking for a sperm donor. The only way I can describe looking for a donor, is literally like a dating profile. Don’t forget you can follow this journey on my blog too. When picking your donor, you get to pick a variety […]

  • PGD Treatment

    Over the course of lock down, i have been going to and from the local hospital and Leeds hospital for lots of tests. All of these tests are to ensure I am well enough to have the IVF / PGD treatment and that I will be a good mum. I was at my GPs for […]

  • Pre Implementation Genetic Diagnosis

    Hi, I am Kay. I am going through PGD (Pre Implementation Genetic Diagnosis). Hence the title designer Baby. I am ensuring that my disability is not going to be passed over to my off spring when i go through IVF as a single person. I am blogging the whole experience, through written, podcast and video […]